The products of the highest quality graphene

Advenced Graphene Products is proud to announce that it is possible to manufacture graphene sheets of supreme quality and for a reasonable process. We are introducing an entirely new graphene product - Hight Strength Metallurgical Graphene TM

HSMG TM is produced with a new, effective, patented method to manufacture graphene from liquid metal.


Main advantages:

Large variety of sizes
Supreme quality
Near perfect graphene coverage (min. 95%)
Reasonable production cost


Single and multilayer sheets up to 300 cm2
Easily transferable, multiple times, onto various substrates
Selfexisting without any substrate
Stable negative thermal coefficient of electroconductivity
Stable mechanical and physical properties under thermal fatigue conditions


And the most important thing? We have the evidence to prove it.

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Our Partners:

Politechnika Łódzka
Centrum transferu technologi Politechniki Łódzkiej
Instytut inżynieri materiałowej - Politechnika Łódzka