Advanced Graphene Products Sp. z o.o. is a nanotechnological endeavour founded in 2012. We are a producer and supplier of the highest quality large-area graphene - HSMG® - High Strength Metallurgical Graphene®.

AGP is a spin-off company from the Lodz University of Technology. Thanks to our cooperation with the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, we have developed an unique graphene production method - growth on liquid metal.


Our idea is the global commercialization of "graphene - made in Poland".


We are working on placing our product in large-scale industry around the world. We believe that providing the best quality product will work as a spark enabling our clients to develop new technologies, a solid advantage and a leader position of their markets.


Our goal is to sell HSMG®, manufactured with our patented method - graphene growth on a liquid metal matrix. We aim for a strong position on the global graphene production and suppling market, by developing a strong and recognizable brand. We are always working on developing and perfecting our production methods and imrpoving the quality of our products.