1. Graphene

Advanced Graphene Products is open for various forms of collaboration. We are able to provide you with HSMG® graphene sheets and high quality CVD graphene, as well as graphene on SiC or reduced graphene oxide (in form of paste or powder).
Our production method not only allows us to cooperate individually on small-scale projects but also on larger, industrial endeavors.
We are ready to form direct cooperation, become a partner in a consortium-based initiative, work as a project member and collaborate in any other customized partnership.

2. Industry

Advanced Graphene Products is aimed at business and graphene commercialization. We will readily provide high quality graphene products and become a fully-fledged partner in your industrial projects. Our production method is fully scalable and allows us to manufacture dozens of sq. meters of graphene within a month, which is sufficient for any industrial or commercial graphene application.

3. Research

We will readily join your research projects, especially those focused on the development of graphene applications – including both ongoing projects and initializing the new ones (consortium-based or individual). We are offering graphene supplies, high quality equipment and support of our highly qualified team of scientists. We are able to conduct commissioned research and experiments, as well as manufacture graphene samples directly for your project. The size, substrates and even the shape of our graphene sheets will be tailored to your individual needs. Apart from that, we also provide a wide offer related to the preparation of metal contacts on graphene samples for any electrical measurements.

4.  Sale and distribution

Advanced Graphene Products is actively looking for sales agents and distributors. If you are interested in distributing our products, helping us to enter your local market or individual salesmanship, please contact us directly.