Advanced Graphene Products

AGP is focused on the production of graphene materials and development of cutting-edge applications. Our innovative approach involves individual support within pilot studies and preparation of customized graphene materials. A wide range of graphene materials is included in our standard offer (including HSMG®, CVD graphene and graphene flakes). We also synthetize graphene materials previously defined by specific target parameters or chemical functionalization.

Advanced Graphene Products is open for various forms of collaboration, especially in the field of graphene applications. Our pilot programs are conducted to verify graphene potential directly in the products and technologies of our business partners. AGP’s graphene technologies provide a fully scalable approach to product development.

High Strength Metallurgical Graphene (HSMG®)

HSMG® is a type of graphene in the form of large-area sheets, characterized by increased stability and durability. The production method, where graphene growth occurs on a liquid metal catalyst, is fully controlled and significantly improves the properties of the final product. AGP has been granted a patent protection in Poland (PL 224409 B1), European Union (EP 2865646 A1) and in the United States (US 9,284,640 B2). HSMG® is a perfect alternative to standard CVD graphene.