HSMG® Technology

HSMG® Properties

The metallurgical graphene (HSMG®) is a new type of graphene material, characterized by increased durability and fewer defects. The size of a single grain in a layer reaches up to 1 mm. The graphene structure is uniform and continuous,
because the growth process minimizes the overlapping effect (common defect on CVD graphene).
As in the case of theoretical graphene, HSMG® also has semiconductor properties.
HSMG® is manufactured by AGP with a patented metallurgical growth on a liquid metal catalyst. The technology is implemented at AGP for mass production and enables the use of graphene on an industrial scale. The maximum length of our graphene sheets reaches up to 1 meter.
  • single grain size up to 1mm,
  • high coverage and surface continuity (>95%),
  • quasi-monocrystalline graphene structure,
  • surface resistance 250 [Ω/cm2],
  • negative temperature coefficient of resistance,
  • the possibility of transfer to various types of substrates.

    Graphene can be applied both to improve the properties of already existing products and to create new, innovative technologies.

    Applications are created in the following industries:

    construction materials, sensors, touch screens and planels, electronics, composites, space industry, filtration membranes, energy storage, sport equipment.

    And much more!


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