Advanced Graphene Products mainly deals with production and distribution of HSMG. It is a large – area graphene with wide range of applications. The adjustment of HSMG graphene to the needs of our customers mainly includes size and substrate. We have extensive experience with the preparation of our product, including transfer on different substrates (PMMA, glass, Si / SiO2, etc.). Link.

In our offer you will also find a number of other products, including:

  • Graphene Oxide dispersion available in different concentrations
  • Graphene oxide film
  • Reduced graphene oxide powder
  • CVD graphene; available substrates: Cu, PET, Quartz, SiO2/Si, TEM grids, SiC, PMMA
  • Sublimated graphene on SiC

More detailed descriptions can be found in the product catalog. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at