What is Graphene


Infinitesimal thickness

Graphene is classified as a two-dimensional crystalline sheet of carbon atoms with theoretical layer thickness of 0.335 nm.

Negligible mass

A single layer of graphene is very light - only 0.77 mg/m2.

High electrical conductivity

The theoretical graphene is a zero-gap semiconductor with 200,000 cm2⋅V-1⋅s-1 limit of electron mobility.
Ballistic transport of carriers (without dissipation) is possible for sub-micrometers distances.

Exceptional mechanical strength

Due to the strength of carbon-carbon bonds, graphene has an exceptional tensile strength of 130 GPa (for reference, the same parameter for
the layer of steel is 0.367 GPa). In addition, the elastic properties of the graphene layer enable retention of the original shape after stretching.

Thermal conductivity

The graphene layer exhibits anisotropic thermal conductivity. The heat flow is more than 100 times greater for the direction
along the graphene layer than out-of-place direction.

Optical properties

A single layer of graphene absorbs approximately 2.3% of white light.


There are two main forms of graphene materials – large-area graphene sheets and graphene flakes.
The appropriate graphene parameters should be tailored according to the designated application and individual needs.



Growth of a graphene layer on a metal matrix using:
1. Metallurgical process (HSMG® graphene).
2. Chemical vapor deposition (CVD graphene).


Graphene layer can be applied as a coverage to any surface.
Standard substrates include:

  • PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate),
  • quartz,
  • silicon wafers.
  • area,
  • continuity and uniformity of the graphene layer on the surface,
  • grain size and grain boundaries (which depend on the crystallization method),
  • sheet resistance,
  • number of layers.



Chemical or mechanical synthesis from the graphite precursor, based on the exfoliation and separation of graphite into individual graphene flakes.


Graphene flakes are available in the form of dry powders and various types of dispersions or pastes.

We provide a wide offer related to the graphene materials, also those prepared according to customized specifications including non-standard dispersions (e.g. in other solvents) and chemical functionalization (controlled change of graphene properties).

Standard products:

  • graphene flakes,
  • graphene solutions (in various concentrations and solvents).
  • flake size,
  • oxidation level (GO, rGO),
  • specific surface area,
  • concentration,
  • type of solvent.


Graphene can be applied both to improve the properties of already existing products and to create new, innovative technologies.

Applications are created in the following industries:

construction materials, sensors, touch screens and panels, electronics, composites, space industry, filtration membranes, energy storage, sport equipment.

And much more!


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